One Glove Geo 2.0 Aurora Review

One Glove Geo 2.0 Aurora Review:

So today’s glove review for the GK Union is on the One Glove Geo 2.0 Aurora’s  

Each review is scored on five different aspects of the gloves (Palm, Backhand, Comfort, Durability and Customer Service) which will be given a rating out of 10 so the glove can get an overall score of 50 

41-50 Excellent

31-40 Good

21-30 Satisfactory

11-20 Bad 

0-10 Awful 


The palm is made up of a 4mm black Pro grade Contact latex grip which personally I love as it allows you to get a real feel for the ball once it makes contact with your hands. The grip itself is amazing, comfortably deals with the one hand grip test working from five fingers down to two keeping hold of the ball. The amount of Odel Beckham Jr references I have made in these gloves over the past few months when catching a ball one handed whilst messing around in training or coaching has become that regular even the younger children that I coach who have no idea who he is are shouting it now. In the 3/4 months of me having the One Glove Aurora’s the palm has stayed in incredible condition and I’m guessing they have added an abrasion zone to them even though they haven’t stated if they have because I have no rips in the grip like you do with some gloves, I have a few scuffs on them but that’s down to the constant impact of the ball or ground they have to endure for 2/3 hours for 6 days a week. The glove has a double wrapped thumb meaning there is a more surface for grip on the ball giving us a much cleaner grasp and a bit more security when dealing with fast paced shots/crosses. The aurora gloves have smashed it with the palm so therefore I’m going to give them a 10/10.


The Backhand caught my eye immediately the second One Glove dropped this launch I couldn’t wait to get myself a pair, the emerald nebula sublimated neoprene body making the pattern literally look out of this world by giving it a galaxy look. The 3D glitter injected silicone backhand also adds a slight bit of padding to the backhand whilst keeping the glove extremely lightweight and flexible. I think One Glove have done extremely well on this glove especially with the design so again for me 10/10


Comfort for me is one of the most important aspects for a glove because like I mentioned earlier, I spend 2/3 hours 6 days a week in goalkeeper gloves so the last thing I want is fiddling around with my gloves every 10 seconds because they’re not comfy. So straight to it. One Glove introduced a few months back a speed sleeve which they have stuck with on this glove and it allows you to get your gloves on and off without any struggle which is a plus when you coach children who constantly need their laces tied, with this, though it doesn’t make the glove a loose fitting, it is a nice snug it around your lower arm which prevents the hand moving around inside the glove which could lead to friction burns blisters like I have experienced in the past. The glove also has a mid-strip strap which gives you the best of both worlds for a strap is has the strong latex hold with and elastic strap in the mid which allows us to adjust how tight or lose we want the strap. The only problem I have with the comfort side of these gloves is that the gloves easily conduct heat which causes your hands to sweat and I struggle to wear them longer than an hour in-between coaching sessions I can’t wait to get them off to just allow my hands to breathe which is a shame because the gloves a part from that extremely comfy all around but because of that I’m going to give the comfort a 7/10


As mentioned before the durability on the grip has been amazing hardly a mark on them, however on the strap some of the stitching came away quite early on luckily it hasn’t grown from there that problem but I’m always watching it now and I can’t not see it  when putting them on. The rest of the glove still looks brand new though not a mark on the back, no stitching tearing at the sides which occurs in a lot of gloves so I’m going to mark the durability down as an 8/10 as the glove is still in amazing condition its just a shame about the stitching on the strapping.

Customer Service:

Customer service hasn’t been anything to special the gloves come in the days that you paid for. However, the tracking system is good it which allows you to keep your eye on them. A lot of glove companies I have used have not had that. I think the only problem I have with the customer service, which a lot of new customers won’t experience is the lack of communication from the brand and I understand that is down to them expanding and they can’t answer to everyone as fast as they used to but I don’t see much interaction with customers post anymore, whereas when I first started wearing One Glove you’d post something about them and they’d re-post it or comment but now it’s not the same and again customer interaction might drop due to the brands growth in custom. I’m going to give the customer service a 6/10 nothing to special, you get what you pay for in delivery I’d just like to see a bit more customer interaction from them again.

Overall rating:

Overall rating of the glove is 41/50 so they just sneak into the excellent category. From experience I can only see the One Glove brand getting better they find their faults on every launch and improve them on the next so hopefully the next review I’ll be doing on them which will be coming soon of the midnight hyperlite gloves will back up what I think.


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