IFAB Controversial Penalty Law

Hi Gk Union if you remember my recent post were, I discussed the new IFAB laws with just a week of me posting that I have recently come into some controversy with one of the new laws that surrounds the goalkeeper on penalties. The new law states that when a penalty is taken the goalkeeper must have one foot on the line of the post as the penalty is struck. The only problem I had with this is that it takes our slight advantage away by not being able to move on our line to try and put the taker off but apart from that I wasn’t to bothered as the law still allows you to dive the correct way which means we can still take our weight into a dive when attacking the strike meaning we aren’t facing our goal or leaning backwards which would give us a disadvantage, the problem I faced in my last game however was I faced a penalty which the decision it’s self was quite soft but football is football and we all know decisions won’t go our way, so I got on with it and the law was still fresh in my head keep at least one foot on the line whilst the strike is being taken. The taker stepped up, struck the ball and just as he made contact, I stepped with one foot dived and saved it. Now you’re probably thinking my problem was the referee on the pitch said I stepped early so it had to be retaken, but no completely wrong, the head referee of the league was down watching the game and had videoed it from the side and said if he was refereeing he would have got the striker to retake the penalty. So, when the ball went out for our corner he showed me and he judged me on the distance of my dive out and not my back foot which was still planted on the line. This made me think about the consistency of referees and how this will have an impact on us keepers. Because even with the technology these referees are making mistakes and I have to say fair play on the referee running the game because if he had the same mindset, he could have easily made the striker retake it. Thankfully this wasn’t a league and only a pre-season friendly, but you must think if they’re making mistakes like this in friendlies what affect could it have on results or even league positions. I’m always open to opinions so below I have linked the penalty and the image of the point when the striker makes contact and I am more than happy to listen to your opinions. 

Video URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzatIIWH745/

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