The New IFAB Laws

This review is on the new IFAB laws that will affect us goalkeepers for the good and bad. 


The first change we will see added to the new season is that on opposition free kicks. They will not be allowed to put their own players in our wall as opposition players won’t be allowed within 1 meter our wall, for obvious reasons this is better as it means there will be no distractions in our wall, meaning no unnecessary gaps in the wall that the free kick could potentially sneak through.


Another change to the game that will affect us goalkeepers massively is on penalty kicks. How we use to be able to move up and down our line to give us a slight advantage on the penalties has now been taken away from us as we are no longer to move up and down the line or touch any posts or the crossbar. We also must have one foot planted or on line with the line of the post as then penalty is taken so that means no readjustments, no faints, we must now stay still until the penalty has been struck and even though it has been put on hold for now, for a few weeks of this law being in place keepers could actually be punished by bookings even if they step off the line by habits kicking in and unintentionally stepping off the line.


To finish on a good change to the laws that will help us and what I personally think will create a huge tactical change in the game is that the ball no longer has to be received outside of the area but the opposition players must stay on the outside of the area until the ball is played from the kicker. This will mean we can retain possession a lot easier, get the game playing a lot quicker and maybe a new role will emerge from this change.


The game is always going to change all you have to do is look through football history to see that, it was just over 30 years ago when goalkeepers where allowed to pick the ball up from a back-pass and if it wasn’t for that rule being taken away we wouldn’t have the fast paced game we love today. The reason this was taken away is so that one team would not have the advantage over another and it keeps the game going at a fast pace making it more entertaining. Some of these new laws have helped the fairness and the speed of the game, were others have not and I think the IFAB (International Football Association Board) have already seen their errors and thats why they have taken away some of their new additions to the game and I dont think it will be long until they realise even more of their errors and will change the laws allover again.

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