1YNX Glove Review

1YNX Glove Review

Each review is scored on five different aspects of the gloves (Palm, Backhand, Comfort, Durability and Customer Service) which will be given a rating out of 10 so the glove can get an overall score of 50 

40-50 Excellent

30-40 Good

20-30 Satisfactory

10-20 Bad 

0-10 Awful 


The palm is made up of a 4mm latex grip with an added abrasion zone to reduce the friction and enhance the palm’s durability.
Whenever I get a new pair of gloves I always do the one hand grip test on a football, this is when I put the ball on the ground
to see how easy it is to pick it up from the ground. With these gloves, the test was so easy to do. I then got my PA to throw a ball at me
to see how it would handle with a little bit of force and the ball stuck as if it was magnetised to the gloves, the grip is by 
far the best I have ever used and from my first session with them, to now they have not had a single scuff on them and for that 
reason I am giving the palm a 10/10.


The back hand design is very basic but also very nice and because of the lightweight polyester mesh it gives the glove a snug fit
without it feeling like it’s weighing you down, the backhand has a rubber punch zone that cushions the impact of the ball and allows
your punches to be more accurate when dealing with crosses that have a lot of pace on it. The only negative I’d put on the back hand is 
that there isn’t much padding that would offer you a lot of protection from strong challenges. This is the only real downfall for the 
backhand as I love the snug fit and the basic design makes the glove look really nice and caught my eye straight away and the risk of taking
a collision to the back hand is minimal so I’m going to give the backhand a 7/10.


From the second you put these gloves on to the second you take them off, all you can feel is the cushion of the glove, even though they’re a 
tight snug fitting you are not left with the imprint of the stitching on your hand or the design or logo tattooed on to the back of your hand. The 
tight wrist which is sercured by a single strap is a very tight fit which stops the glove from moving all over the place but also allows
flexibility of the wrist by having an elastic fitting around it so the wrist locks perfectly to you. There are not many gloves out there
with the comfort of these, but the one let down for me really with the comfort is that the glove comes quite far up the arm so for a coach 
like myself, if you have a watch on it there isn’t much room for it and it can cause rubbing if you put it slightly under the sleeve, other
than that it is an extremely comfortable glove and I’m going to give the comfort a 9/10.


As mentioned earlier on the palm there is a fitted abrasion zone to reduce friction and for the time I have had these gloves I have yet to have
a single scratch/scuff on them so the durability of the palm is amazing when comparing them to other gloves I have used in the past. The durability 
of the backhand is to be questioned as I have had a slit in the side stitching of the glove and with only having them for a couple of weeks with 2 
uses, it makes me question what they would be like in a gaming enviroment after a few weeks, that being said I have shown pictures to 1YNX and they 
have apologsised and are sending some new ones over saying it is a manufacturing problem. The rest of the glove has been fine like any other gloves 
would be after a few weeks there has been no rips in the wrist straps which I have experienced in the past with other gloves. I am going to give the 
durability of these gloves a 7/10.

Customer Service: 

1YNX has the best customer service I have ever come across, constantly messaging and making sure everything is okay. They always post other peoples reviews
of the gloves so you can check on other peoples experiences. The gloves came in less than 24 hours of my order which is one of the fastest I have experienced. 
Like I mentioned before, the gloves after my first use of them developed a rip at the side and when I contacted 1YNX and they got back to me straight away willing
to send another pair out and have offered me a discount with my next order, they where massively apologetic. They discussed with me what the problems could have
been and then came to the conclusion to replace them. 10/10 for this customer service excellent at every point.

The gloves were rated a 43 out 50 giving them the excellent score highly recommended to goalkeepers that play on a weekly basis.


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